pet products

Pet ProductsOrganic and wet chemistry working together in our products solve the problem of odor. The main fiber is a Western Red Winter Wheatgrass grown in Montana. This plant has extraordinary absorption qualities and bonds nitrogen in its cell walls. This eliminates ammonia forming which is a primary culprit in pet box odor.

Our manufacturing process of pelleting these fibers results in a product that stops tracking and increases absorbability. Air cleaning the pellets gives you a product that is virtually dust free. Our special drying ovens insure a product free of weed, insect, fungus and mold.

The earth also benefits, as wheatgrass is a renewable resource. Most typical disposal methods of the product are environmentally friendly. If it is flushed, it requires no space in the landfill and easily biodegrades in the sewage system. If the used product is composted, it will enhance soil quality.

Cat Country

Cat CountryCat Country, an all natural product, is a special blend of wheat grass fibers, combined by an organic chemist to work together and solve litter box odor. It also contains no perfumes, chemicals or polymers.

Bird Country

Bird CountryBird Country is the safest, cleanest and best odor controlling cage bedding available. It is also dust free, stays in the cage and is autoclaved for no insect, bacteria, mold or fungus.

Critter Country

Critter CountryCritter Country is a small animal, reptile and all critter bedding or substrate made of winter wheat grass, and several other plant fibers. It provides a safe, odor free, and dust free environment for animals.

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