Bird Country

Bird CountryBird Country is the safest, cleanest and best ordor controlling cage bedding available for birds. Bird Country is dust free, it stays in the cage and is autoclaved for no insect, bacteria, mold or fungus contamination. Bird Country is made of finely ground grass fiber that if ingested, although we add a bitter herb to discourage ingestion, it will pass safely through the bird. The color added to the pellets is decorative and all natural coloring. NO DYES are used. YOUR CAGE MUST BE MAINTAINED EVERY DAY! Remove soiled Bird Country with waste, wet areas beneath water dishes, and fruits and vegetables. For the bare areas occurring in the tray after cleaning, add fresh Bird Country. A total removal and disinfection of the tray must be done every week. Please be aware that corn cob, paper, walnut shell and wood shavings will contain fungus and mold. They also can block and/or irritate the digestive tract of birds causing death if not treated immediately.

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