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Bio FuelsWhat if you could lower your heating bill and at the same time be a good environmental citizen? Well you can, its called, “Biomass to Heat”. By using locally produced biomass to heat your home you not only are switching to a CO2 neutral fuel sources but you are supporting the local economy. That's good news for everyone, and the Earth.

Our bio fuel pellets are manufactured from Montana's agricultural waste by products. We select the biomass that gives you the most Btu (energy) for the buck. Our goal is simply energy independence for you at the cheapest cost. Wood and corn are great biofuels but because of supply and demand, costs have increased significantly in the last few years. That's why we recommend purchasing a stove that will burn wood and other higher ash fuels (wheat, straw, hay). This will enable you to move between commodities as prices fluctuate. The Harman Pellet Stove offers this flexibility. At Mountain Meadows Products, we are working with local farmers to provide them with a secondary market for their fiber waste and customers with one more green way to energy independence. In the future, energy crops like Switchgrass and Hemp, as they are planted, will provide even better, cheaper pelleted fuels

Too good to be true? We think not. Fossil Fuels will only get more expensive and cause further CO2 gases. Call Mountain Meadows today for further details.

How to get started: Bio fuel Stoves and Fuel

Step 1: Call a Harman Stove Dealer or visit them on the web:

Step 2: Go see your local Pellets/Stove Dealer. They will have pellets and stoves!

Montana Local Dealer:
Big Sky CTI Stove & Hearth, 406-538-5037, Mobile 406-350-5033 (Lewistown, MT Area)

Montana Biofuel Pellet Economic Evaluation Pilot

The objective of this project is to demonstrate the practicality and the economic feasibility of utilizing farm residue or native perennial grasses as a pelleted biofuel for commercial and residential heating applications. Mountain Meadows Products, Inc. will sample biomass sources in Montana to formulate an optimum biofuel pellet. This will include identifying the optimum grass cultivar for biofuel pellet production in central Montana.  Then, they will develop a low cost model for the commercial production of the formulated pellet. Once produced, the pellet will be field tested in residential pellet stoves and commercial applications. Research findings will be communicated to Montana producers and energy consumers to allow them to participate in this new innovative market opportunity. For more information on our grant and reasearch, please visit DNRC Montana's web site.

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