About us

Founded in 1985 by Gary and Lynda Turco, Mountain Meadows’ mission is to provide safe, effective products for pets, people and the environment using materials grown in the Earth. No chemicals, synthetics or perfumes are added. The main fiber in all our products is Western Red Winter Wheat Grass grown in Montana. This fiber has amazing abilities to absorb liquids and bond nitrogen. The bonding of nitrogen stops ammonia formation.

Our manufacturing process increases the absorption, creates a non-tracking product, eliminates dust and eliminates any contamination from insects, molds or fungus. Our products come with the advantage of being flushable and compostable, this adds convenience for the consumer and benefits to the environment. With all these benefits our products are still very competitively priced. On this website you will find more detailed information on individual products. We thank you for your interest in our products. We welcome any suggestions from our customers to improve our products.

Gary and Lynda Turco -- Owners

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